LINK- Learning, Intellect, Neurologic functioning & Knowledge
Profiting from Play
Remember & Reinforce – LINK, exercising the mind for the 3 rd age. It has become clearer and clearer over the last few years that cognitive degeneration can be protected against by continuing to exercise our mental faculties. Unfortunately, many of our elders lack the appropriate supports to enter into an ongoing regime of cognitive gymnastics. However, even with some fragilization of short-term memory, most still retain a relatively strong mid-term and long-term memory and some logical and spatial capacities. Remember & Reinforce, appeals to these ongoing strengths, with the aim to keep their general cognitive levels healthy and for the longest time as possible. To this end, the clues and responses focus on subjects and eras that they are most likely to have known. Hence, for instance, a US group of seniors would have responses linked to US cinema, music, and major events between 1950 and 1990. Due to the fundamental educational specificity of the system, even if they have forgotten the information, they are then reminded of it, and the next time they play, they will likely to have remembered it. The logical and spatial ‘puzzles’, are more precisely there as direct exercises to activate and reinforce the cognitive processes. Copyright © Gary Edward Gedall 2005 – 2023 Published by From Words to Worlds