LINK- Learning, Intellect, Neurologic functioning & Knowledge
Profiting from Play
Link is based on a very simple concept; one has sets of two, (or in some cases three or four), cards, these cards are placed face downwards and the ‘player’ or ‘players’ have to turn over the cards and pair them up. In fact, up to here, this is identical to the games of ‘memory’ or ‘pairs’. The fundamental difference is that, on the back of one of the cards is a ‘clue’ to the information on the face side. These are the clue or question cards. The “unclued” cards we name as response cards. Adding this clue totally changes the playing process, as sooner or later, the relationship between this clue and the face value become linked, one learns that clue A gives response B. Copyright © Gary Edward Gedall 2005 – 2023 Published by From Words to Worlds