LINK- Learning, Intellect, Neurologic functioning & Knowledge
Profiting from Play
The standard games, (L&L, E&E, F&F, and R&R), are all based on a number of card packs, and in their simplest forms, they need little more than that. However, a structure that can accommodate the cards when laid out and can rotate, so that the player has all the cards facing them during their turn would make the game play more comfortable. For Facts & Fun a printed cloth, board, or rotating board, would be more important as there needs to be places for the bets to be placed, and kept if the player wins their round and wishes to hold over their winnings for another round. Also, for F&F there needs to be ‘doubling dice’, (0,1,2,4,8,16), ‘Tag’ vouchers and gambling chips. However, all the games lend themselves to technological additions and supports. All the above could be turned into Apps, either to be played alone, face to face, or over a network. For the ‘Game Show’ and ‘Kid’s Challenge’, clearly there would need to be specific material conceived for these variants. Copyright © Gary Edward Gedall 2005 – 2023 Published by From Words to Worlds