LINK- Learning, Intellect, Neurologic functioning & Knowledge
Profiting from Play
Link & Learn is the LINK game for young and very young children. The first step is for the infant to succeed to find the pairs of cards. To do this, place the two sets of cards face upwards and help them to pair up the cards. An initial pack might be colours or basic shapes. When this step has been succeeded, turn over one set of cards, leaving the second pack face upwards. The child can then turn the first set of cards over, one at a time, and pair them up with the face up cards. This leads to the first use of the clue cards. This set has a very simple clue on its back, for instance; a small blue spot which links to a big blue spot. The clue cards are then spread out in front of the child and it is then presented with a response card and is asked to guess which clue card this relates to. When the child becomes adept at guessing the ‘clue’ cards from the response cards, the next step is to turn all the cards over unto their backs. The child turns over a response card and then looks to find its pair, from the clue printed on the back of the other set. This is point at which an adult can start to join in the game play. The game continues as described above, where each player in turn turns over two cards, if the cards are the same they win the cards. (Whether after winning a pair, that player can continue to play until he fails to make another pair or if each player has only one play, whether he succeeds or not, is a rule chosen between the players.) To make the game more equal, the adult chooses his first card from the set with the clues on it; the child chooses a response card first. As the child continues to develop, the clues and responses become more advanced; colour, shapes and letter recognition, first counting, first words, etc. Copyright © Gary Edward Gedall 2005 – 2023 Published by From Words to Worlds