LINK- Learning, Intellect, Neurologic functioning & Knowledge
Profiting from Play
Educate & Enjoy is LINK, for school and beyond. The subjects and game-play are evolutive, which means to say that they change over time. As the child is faced with more and more educational demands; maths, language skills, history, geography, foreign languages etc., the LINK system can follow these emerging learning needs. Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and the ‘times tables’ lend themselves totally to this approach. Spelling and grammar are sometimes more complex, and for this we include an interesting addition, ‘error cards’. An error card has a clue which is wrong, in this case, a misspelled word or false grammar rule. If the child chooses this card thinking that it links to a normal response card, they not only fail to make a match and win their turn, they also miss a turn as a penalty. However, if they correctly match it up with a response card where the response is ‘error’, they win that turn as with any other correct link. For learning vocabulary for a foreign language, this is an excellent use of the system. As the student can quite easily learn and remember the words in the short term, but can just as easily forget them, mid and long term. By returning to the card sets of passed exercises, they continue to remind themselves of the words, each time reinforcing their long- term memory for these items. As long as one has the physical space, time and motivation, there is no limit to how many cards one plays with at any one time, nor to how many players can participate. This means that towards the end of a school year, and, or before returning after the holidays, one could set up a game with all the vocabulary of a whole school year, with several students and fully revise all the material. Copyright © Gary Edward Gedall 2005 – 2023 Published by From Words to Worlds